Main Screen:

  • wifi-stream: (wifi icon) This icon changes to a square when/if connection is made from pc host software to your app.  It also helps connect in some unusual cases where pc is not able to connect to app.
  • save: (folder icon) Saves recorded facial data and audio to you iphone's files folder (as fbx and wav files)
  • play: (play icon) Plays back your last recorded take
  • record: (red round icon--turns to white square when recording which stops the recording when pressed). Records and stops recording.
  • emotionsliders: (round icon on both sides of the avatar).  Sends extra facial data when streaming and/or recording for baking to host dcc (desktop content creation) software on pc
  • settings: (gear icon on bottom left).  Goes to settings page
  • choose avatar: (arrow like icon pointing up at the bottom) Allows you to choose avatar
  • reset: (half circle two arrows icon at the bottom right).  Resets head size and rotation (also recalibrates your face if option is checked in the Behavior of the reset button in the settings.


  • Enable Head Rotation: enables head rotation tracking on or off
  • Adjusting the motion weight: adjusts the strength of blendshapes and the data that is recorded or sent to the PC host.
  • Smoothing Motion: smooths the head rotation.   .3-.5 is good enough
  • Behavior of Reset Button:  

       -Calibration of the BlendShapes:  You can include resetting of blendshapes that is in accord with your neutral expression.  Not really needed most of the time. 

Streaming settings: (coming soon)



Unlock recording time limit:  by unlocking your time limit, you will be able to record for more than 5 seconds!
Unlock streaming time limit: by unlocking streaming time limit, not only you will be able to stream for more than 5 seconds, you will be able to record and send facial and audio data directly to your host software (maya, blender, daz, unitiyO and bake it to your character!
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iPhone's IP Address

It's very important that you input the correct iPhone's IP address to the host PC plugin.  Otherwise the connection will not be made.  


Display switching of UI elements
Change background