• Place the iphone about 2 feet from your face.  Center the camera so that it's not too much to one side.
  • Press the reset button (half circle arrow icon on the bottom right) to set rotation and scale of the avatar to be in neutral rotation (default position)
  • Press the Record button (red button on top) and start doing your facial performance. 
  • After you are done recording press the Stop button (Square button).
  • You may play back the recorded take by pressing the play button on top
  • If you are satisfied,  press the save button on top (folder icon)
  • This will save your recorded data and audio to your "files" folder in your iphone.
  • Find your files folder and open it and go to "Facemotion3d" folder.   from there you can send your recorded fbx and audio file to either email or icloud.   (Long press it and go to "share")