FBX import and retargeting

This is the baseline function and pipeline for solid facial mocap solution.  Many controls and tweaks are possible with this solid proven workflow.   More info HERE!

Facemotion Live DAZ plugin

This new plugin lets you stream facial data from the Facemotion3d ios app to DAZ viewport and also to bake it directly from your app to DAZ timeline!
More info HERE!

Direct baking from Iphone

It's our newest solution for efficiency and convenience! You record on your app (you can also watch streaming while recording), then send over the data to your host PC software for baking.  It's the most fun and easy way to do facial mocap. 

Emotion sliders/Visime tweaks

Our emotion sliders on the app allows us to input SAD expression, asymmetrical brows and extra visimes.   (not quite possible with current arkit)

DAZ filament rendering

This is the new daz realtime filament rendering that allows for live streaming to daz viewport and also for super fast rendering.  It's getting better and better. and make using daz characters very easy,.

Mixamo and Facemotion

You can apply mixamo animation then ontop add our Facemotion facial animation to make some really cool animations!

Mocap and Facemotion

Full body mocap is very popular and needed these days with lower cost systems becoming available to public.  Our workflow allows for Rokoko, PN, ipisoft and xsens to be used along with Facemotion facial solution for full body/face animations.