Our Facemotion3d live streaming modules are very fun and useful for Vtubing and virtual character live streaming.  Below are the streaming plugins and scripts that you can install to Maya, Blender and Unity and test with your characters with our Facemotion3d app.  Also we have prepared example files for you to test and experience how great it is to see your own performance retargeted to virtual 3d characters.  Check it out!

Be sure to check out the TUTORIAL video for installing and using the plugin and Sample head. 


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You can download our maya plugin and test with the example .ma file along with free 5 seconds of streaming in our Facemotion IOS app. :)  Our plugin works with windows and mac. Download and follow the instructions in the zip file.      INSTRUCTION VIDEO FOR MAYA PLUGIN/USAGE


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Download our plugin for Blender (blender add on) and test our Facemotion ios blender streaming function (5 seconds trial is free) with the included sample file.  Works in windows and mac.  Detailed instructions is included in the zip file.   INSTRUCTION VIDEO FOR BLENDER ADDON


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Download our Sample Unity  file and see for yourself how fun and expressive our Unity Facemotion facial mocap pipeline is.   You can test it for first 5 seconds with our Facemotion IOS unity streaming module and the included Unity exe file(mac version available now!!) .  Follow instructions.   Also the Unity plugin will work in windows and mac.   You will need to build your own 52 arkit compatible blendshapes for your models to work (in apple's arkit naming convention). 

Past (older) Scripts

You may want to try older versiions of the script for compatibility problems. Click link below to access the older files